Installing Oracle Warehouse Builder in 11GR2


For a customer I have to implement  Oracle Warehouse builder on several servers. So it became an interesting session cause during exploring, well actually it was already during installing found out that there are dependencies to  other products that need to be present in the database before you can finish the job successfully. But as always Google  is your friend so i was very happy in the end to  summarise the steps and put them to a blog.

Bottom-line is that the following components need be present in your database before you can start with the Oracle  Warehouse builder:

  • Java virtual Machine
  • Olap

The remarkable thing was that during exploring i came across the  fact that if you  create your database via DBCA these components are  installed. If you are a diehard  and use the command line  /  scripts for that well then you need to do just a bit extra to be victorious. The environments in this note were set up manually.

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The Case of a Missing or Corrupt Spfile in your Grid Infra (


On a grid infra-structure ( cluster (SRVR1Rr – 2r -3r) we got more and more tickets that the ASM instances where having fragmented memory for the shared pool. The investigation showed that there was no SPFILE present, with automatic memory management in there. So this environment clearly needed better.  Only thing found was some out of date INIT.ORA.  From history this environment had been set up as an 11gr1 RAC cluster, and some time ago it had been upgraded to 11gr2 Grid Infra.

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