Food for thoughts Rac One a first Step to explore


Some months ago I have implemented an Active Passive Solution on Oracle 11gr2 for on one of the customers.  Basically this was almost reliving old days where  tools like HP MC Service Guard (using packages where one or more database and listener configurations are stored)  or  Veritas Clusterware  (where and Agent controls the status of the resources being a database and or a listener). They would  monitor  the health of the Database/Listener,  would stop and start the Database/ Listener. With the technology at hand at that point and time ( implemented Grid Infra with ASM and Rdbms )  it was not   having all the required   setups to implement anything else.  Now we are 9 months further in time,  standards have been adapted and we have latest Oracle version at hand ( being so it is time for a fresh start. Besides that recently I have been asked to  implement the Active Passive solution on more environments (since it does cover  part off HA and it controls the monitoring  of the Database/ Instance  by HP-Openview).

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Some Like it DBCA others prefer manual JVM Installs


For a couple of databases  I had to  install the Java Virtual Machine after the Database had been created. First attempt was  using the DBCA  gui  to get that done so i started it and  made the obvious choices  to work with A Rac database , to configure the database options  and selected the  Database I wanted to work with ( in the list only databases showing no instances).  DBCA was not so nice to me this time, telling me: “service name or Instance name not specified”. Hmm  well since i knew i can do without GUI  anyhow i decided to take the manual route and leave DBCA  be  for the moment. So lets saddle up and do it the old  – still – going strong  command line way .

My environment is a Linux 5 enterprise edition, my Oracle version is My Database is a two Instance Rac Database.

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