Food for thoughts Rac One a first Step to explore


Some months ago I have implemented an Active Passive Solution on Oracle 11gr2 for on one of the customers.  Basically this was almost reliving old days where  tools like HP MC Service Guard (using packages where one or more database and listener configurations are stored)  or  Veritas Clusterware  (where and Agent controls the status of the resources being a database and or a listener). They would  monitor  the health of the Database/Listener,  would stop and start the Database/ Listener. With the technology at hand at that point and time ( implemented Grid Infra with ASM and Rdbms )  it was not   having all the required   setups to implement anything else.  Now we are 9 months further in time,  standards have been adapted and we have latest Oracle version at hand ( being so it is time for a fresh start. Besides that recently I have been asked to  implement the Active Passive solution on more environments (since it does cover  part off HA and it controls the monitoring  of the Database/ Instance  by HP-Openview).

Instead I have recommended to investigate in which way RAC One can be an option for us as a Solution for new / existing  environments that will have to  be on GI and Rdbms . Meanwhile we also got new experiences with Acfs  which we will use as a shared Diag_destination.   So my  challenge will be now  that I have to set up and test and compare the solotions (Active Passive  Instance in Grid Infra  versus Rac One ). So it is time to do a lot of reading , and soon testing. Since  I really believe Internet is an awesome source I have been looking what colleagues and Documentation I could find already on this topic.  Below you will find a Number of Usefull links on this topic. It is a mix  of Documentation and posts and it might grow a bit even.  A special word of thanks to Martin Bach  and  Bernhard de Cock Buning for their sharing on the web with regard to this topic. From first analyses  i can only say  that i love the way  that Omotion is  promising the relocate / fail-over so i look forward to work with it and get a better experience about it.

# presentation on rac One
#Rac one Rac Sig webcast v2.1.pdf,d.d2k
## Great post by Martin Carstenbach on topic of Rac One
## Administering Oracle RAC One Node
# How to proceed if you convert  to Oracle Rac  and Racle Rac One node from Single Instance:
##The DBA’s Guide to Setting Up Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle Data Guard by Martin Bach
## Oracle RAC One Node 11g Release 2 User Guide
##The DBA’s Guide to Setting Up Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle Data Guard, Part 2 (Advanced) by Martin Bach

The  links above , the offered documentation I will use for my test scenarios where I will set up  a for various scenarios before offering it as an option to the business.

Basically  the following scenarios will be used:

  • Set up a complete Rac One database  via DBCA  and after that  see and look under the hood  how such instance is generated and implemented.
  • Parallel to that would set op A  Single Database – Instance  and set it up similar to my current environment and see how much effort it will be to convert it to rac one.
  • A special point  that needs to be taken care of  in both scenarios is the fact how a Monitoring Tool like HP Openview can deal with a Database that is  relocating to another server using the Omotion that  Rac one is offering. I will have to find a solution to switch of the  Hp Openview agent and activate it again after a relocate. So  that might be a bit of an extra challenge . Smiles but no one said it all would be easy  right ?

Happy reading , and stay tuned for another article on this topic . Oh and before I forget of course it would be great if you want to share your experience with Rac One with me ..


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