Acfs an Implementation


Exploring the add-on of ACFS  was a pleasure. As a pilot it has been implemented now and it looks we got ourselves a new standard which is awesome. With the slides  below i would like to offer a quick demo and some suggestions for a standard.

When starting the concept  of ACFS it was first thought to set it up as one huge Disk group and all Databases both being Racs and Non- Racs to write into them. In order to lower risks (never know who tries to steal an available disk on the admin level ( been there , have suffered from that i mean)) it has been settled to set up the ACFS on a per database  basis in a separate Disk Group in ASM.

Second step in minimizing the Risks is that even though we are talking  about ACFS only being   a mount point for  log files ( diag_destination ) and for the logs of the local listener ( also dedicated on a per database basis ) we have set it up in Normal Redundancy. ( Smiles given the cost of storage these days  that only sounded more than fair).

ACFS has been implemented on Linux Red Hat  EE  5 , with Grid Infra 11.20.3 and Rdbms in ASM environment.

Note with ACFS as a  new standard , we can move toward the Rac Ones if needed  more easily (some customers want only a single Instance/DB ). The use of that technology and the hows and why , well  that will be a future post.

Anyhow below is the power point.

As always happy  reading.


Setting up ACFS Show

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