Sqlplus / as sysdba throws ORA-01012


This morning the first challenge of the day became the fact that we could not get proper access to one of the databases. We would set the Environment, set the proper ORACLE_SID  and yet after logging on would get

ORA-01012: not logged on

with any query ( select * from v$instance ; show parameter blablah ).

Reading the posts on the web give a quick solution…  First  proof:  the alert log was flooded with messages like these:

ORA-04031: unable to allocate 2072 bytes of shared memory ("shared pool","unknown object","sga heap(1,1)","parameter table block
Wed Feb 27 09:31:49 2013
Process J000 died, see its trace file
Wed Feb 27 09:31:49 2013
kkjcre1p: unable to spawn jobq slave process


Sqlplus /  as sysdba worked, but any query failed with ORA-01012.


Created a pfile from spfile , edited both  SGA_MAX_SIZE and SGA_TARGET  and increased  the  processes as well in the init.ora .

Created spfile file from the altered pfile.

Restarted the Database, and after that happy database ( and dba ).

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ASM Is Not Releasing File Descriptors After Drop or Dismount Diskgroup. [ID 1306574.1]


One of my Linux environments is set up with both Grid Infra structure and Rdbms together with ASM  using  luns that are part of EMC  BCVS copy  of production for reporting purposes.   This environment can be classified as a  Oracle – Restart environment. As part of a process that is supposed to run by  automated  Job during the night the Database should  go through various stages ( shutdown  abort,  dismount the dedicated ASM diskgroups  per database in ASM).  After that the BCVS are handed over to the source side again for syncing  after which the database will be rebuild using the fresh  BCV split.

Well as I said , supposed  to run automated…  cause at this point and time , during the day this is working  properly but during the night we get  per disk in the disk group a message similar to:

asm-diskgroupname-data-001: map in use

From Reading  and searching  metalink  it was suggested to implement the latest PSU Patch January 2013  due to:

ASM Is Not Releasing File Descriptors After Drop or Dismount Diskgroup. [ID 1306574.1]

So i started my Journey on  patching  this environment.

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