Once upon a time there was a prince2 and a production frog from an Oracle Dba perspective


A lot of  us have to do both projects and  day – to – day business.  What really sometimes is a sad thing happening is the mere fact that project seem to have no wider horizon then the end  of project .. It seems that the project deliverable  project -end-date is the only sacred time line..   Also not all too uncommon is the Database might be already offered to the customer before ALL  Q&A steps have finished by project managers.  So sometimes a prince might turn into a production frog  if you look at it from a production administrator perspective in the end.

Personally as an Oracle Database Administrator  I think  improving working together with Project manages should have two needs for improvement:

  1. Project managers need to be  made more aware of the Post go live situation if the implementation is only targeting a  go-live-date.
  2. Project manages should never ever ( did i mention ever) be allowed to  have customers entering the systems before go-live ( simply cause they might claim live status once they are hooked up to the database)

Hm and I have a dream I know it is wishful thinking but sometimes I  really think  it would be great to have Project people with a more technical background , maybe even with a  base training about  standards,  production  rules of other departments like Oracle ..

🙂 and for the Admins ..  Make sure you get involved in projects as early as possible and make sure , standards are followed.. or if you are in production side and a  Databases administrator is part  the project team make sure that he – she  is aware of your production world and   your standards.

Taking a first look at Prince2 if you care..:


Happy reading


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