Plan to setup OID (Oracle implementation of the Ldap) in a Rac environment


For some time it was planned to implement OID and frankly from the start I knew that would be something different compared to the things I have done so far.  Well but then again it does represent a new frontier does it not? So I felt challenged with the implementation. As an extra aspect during this setup we implemented the OID with Rac databases as a backend.  But as always the quote of the day for this was Success just loves good preperations. So we started with a setup of  a plan. The plan we have implemented captures the following 7 steps to success:

  • Check and plan the layout of your Ldap environment and your ldap.ora. For us that meant creating an environment to hold all production environments, one to hold the test environments well and after all  we added a third content as a concatination of both other environemnts since we  wanted to make sure that in the ldap.ora with only one setting in place we could contact all environments for clients who  will be on citrix servers ( and as far as I know in ldap.ora only one DEFAULT_ADMIN_CONTEXT = “dc=central,dc=env ,dc=EU” which you can use without using full qualified names):



dc= prod dc=EU


dc=test dc=EU



### think about the Ports for the Ldap you will need, one port for NON SSL, one for SSL traffic. Ask yourself if you will come across Firewalls during the setup  & operation.

  • Install a database (in this setup we use 11.2 as version). Since we wanted to deliver a High available solution in this setup we have implanted 3 Rac databases with 2 Oracle Instances each.
  • Install Weblogic 10.3.2 —> It should not be needed in the first place I read in some articles but I spoke to colleagues and they recommended that I should download the Weblogic part as well.  Only download I see is Weblogic server 12c.  So I download installers with Oracle Weblogic Server and Oracle coherence: Since I am installing on 64bit Linux I was considering download generic file but given the fact that these boxes do not have Java setup properly decided to go with (wls1211_linux32.bin).
  • Setup and implement rules with regard to bulk load and bulk delete.
  • Implement Replication between the Environments.

Happy reading,


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