Installing 12.3 Goldengate in different Group


Do yo know the feeling that sometimes it is easier to send a message to yourself ( no message to rudy ) then taking notes? Well this is another fine example of that . For project had to install Oracle Goldengate  in A Cluster and below steps are the ones that were followed to do that. Extra flavor to this assignment due to the fact that the team that will use Goldengate in Bau ( business as usuall)  is not the same team as the team i am part of so in this case it was more or less “thou shall not install as oracle:dba”.


  • As a starting point  I have created a Diskgroup in ASM , and have setup an ACFS filesystem on it . By doing so  This mount-point ( and also the software) becomes shared / usable on all cluster-nodes.
  • Location of the software: oracle@myStartingHost:/opt/oracle/Odrive/depot/software/oracle/GoldenGate/Linux_64/

On  the target cluster:  checked current groups. Requested from Linux team that they would add the group adba to the oracle account i am using. (in this scenario it is  required to have adba added to the groups for the Oracle account)

oracle@mysrvr:/app/oracle/GG12/# groups oracle
  • Set newgroups to install  Goldangate tool in an Other teams owned group. in Linux perform this command:
newgrp adba
  • unzip the file
  • In oracle@mysrvr:/app/oracle/GG12/fbo_ggs_Linux_x64_shiphome/Disk1,  this now shows:
oracle@mysrvr:/app/oracle/GG12/fbo_ggs_Linux_x64_shiphome/Disk1 [MIGABP]# ls -lisa
total 24

3276804 4 drwxr-xr-x.  5 oracle adba 4096 Dec  9 15:02 .
3276803 4 drwxr-xr-x.  3 oracle adba 4096 Dec  9 15:02 ..
3276808 4 drwxr-xr-x.  4 oracle adba 4096 Dec  9 15:02 install
3276805 4 drwxrwxr-x.  2 oracle adba 4096 Dec  9 15:02 response
3276807 4 -rwxr-xr-x.  1 oracle adba  918 Dec  9 15:02 runInstaller
3276830 4 drwxr-xr-x. 11 oracle adba 4096 Dec  9 15:02 stage


  • ran ./ runInstaller

## Issues i came across since  the port that Goldengate likes to claim was already in use:

netstat -tulpn | grep 7809 as root to kill process at reinstall


Setting up Goldengate in this way will make proper entry in the OraInventory.

..Next challenge  but that is for different post ,  to add Goldengate to the  Oracle Grid Infrastructure as a resource so the cluster-ware will monitor and respond to this resource should the  node restart or if a relocation of the resource  would help to lift some burden on  that server .. Stay tuned.

Happy reading ,