Configuring Active- Passive Clustering Oracle Databases in Grid Infrastructure.


For a billing environment I have been asked to change the current Real application solution to a HA solution with an Active – Passive Database in the Cluster ware of Oracle (Grid Infrastructure) ( Even though I have had / seen examples of this working in 11gr1 the fact we use 11Gr2 allowed us to  skip steps needed in the 11gr1 environment  (such as a dedicated virtual Ip address, able to  fail over and a listener that has to come along with that as well). This solution is based on the fact that in this project we have set up scan listener(s) and also that we connect via a Service (taf). Also it should be said that the parameters for the cluster ware have changed again between Oracle 11gr1 and 11gr2. So it was a nice challenge to see, adapt and solve the issues

It is my estimate that a maintenance window of app 1 Hour  per Database will be needed, doing the analyses,  the changes,  the removal and adding it back to the cluster and  do relocate tests.

Ps  i have marked specific  cluster commands in yellow.

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The Case of a Missing or Corrupt Spfile in your Grid Infra (


On a grid infra-structure ( cluster (SRVR1Rr – 2r -3r) we got more and more tickets that the ASM instances where having fragmented memory for the shared pool. The investigation showed that there was no SPFILE present, with automatic memory management in there. So this environment clearly needed better.  Only thing found was some out of date INIT.ORA.  From history this environment had been set up as an 11gr1 RAC cluster, and some time ago it had been upgraded to 11gr2 Grid Infra.

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