Food for thoughts Rac One a first Step to explore


Some months ago I have implemented an Active Passive Solution on Oracle 11gr2 for on one of the customers.  Basically this was almost reliving old days where  tools like HP MC Service Guard (using packages where one or more database and listener configurations are stored)  or  Veritas Clusterware  (where and Agent controls the status of the resources being a database and or a listener). They would  monitor  the health of the Database/Listener,  would stop and start the Database/ Listener. With the technology at hand at that point and time ( implemented Grid Infra with ASM and Rdbms )  it was not   having all the required   setups to implement anything else.  Now we are 9 months further in time,  standards have been adapted and we have latest Oracle version at hand ( being so it is time for a fresh start. Besides that recently I have been asked to  implement the Active Passive solution on more environments (since it does cover  part off HA and it controls the monitoring  of the Database/ Instance  by HP-Openview).

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Return of the Acfs , October 2012 PSU Patch (14275572) for GI and RDBMS


This week i have patched a preproduction environment with latest PSU patch at this moment ( October 2012). Next week will do the same on the production machines In it self this action is not a big  issue when applying it to the Grid infra structure and RDBMS, but  ACFS is in use on those boxes. Since I hope this will make an interesting note, I have gathered my steps and want to share them with you.

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First encounters of the ACFS kind


This weeks challenge has become to set up ACFS on two new to be implemented Real Application Clusters. As with any tooling first question will be , what is your goal if you want to start using it. My purpose is to start using ACFS as a shared mountpoint between the servers, nodes in the cluster in order to have each instance do its logging (ADR), audit and listener log  on that mount.

This blog will tell you about my setting it up,  the  issues i came across and the way it is implemented in a working way.

To share the plot of the story:  After implementing I  had the issue that  right after cluster reboot all services where launched automatiocally BUT  the instances would NOT start automatically. In the end i ended up with ACFS being defined as  a shared home for an Oracle RDBMS installation. And it worked/works after cluster reboot  cause all resources are happy and online now.

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