ASM communication Issues ((ORA-01031: insufficient privileges) (WARNING: ASM communication error: op 0 state 0x0 (15055))


A couple of months ago  I had the issue that in an environment  with Grid Infra structure  and ASM on Linux , without any specific reason at a specific point and time would  see  messages  about communication error between the databases and  the ASM instance and  I was not able to connect to the ASM instance with a sqlplus / as sysasm. I have opened a tar back then and even got myself  a fresh bug 14767353 number but no answers. So  But practically this remained unsolved. Friday 4th  I had same issue again, so it was time to get back to arms and investigate this.

Below you will find the steps , what i saw and how I solved it with the help of my friends(Google and Metalink).

Environment: 4 Node GI on Red Hat Linux  with ASM. Installations performed as oracle:dba

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