Implement a Logical Standby Database

For a customer  I had the privilege  to investigate and implement a Logical standby Database. Primary side was a 6 Node RAC and the Standby side was scheduled to become a  two Node RAC. The standby side was not meant as a Fail over solution but had to serve the purpose of an almost on-line Reporting environment to the customers ( in such a way also separating them from the production database). The requirements  became quite a challenge in more than one aspect  giving the facts that the project wanted to go live with it in the very next 2 weeks,  that this was unknown territory for the complete team hmm and given the fact that the decision to change from a physical standby database to a logical one  was one of the very last minute.  I forgot who said it, but with respect I would like to quote   the unknown creator of this following thought: .. but if things would always be easy you and I would be out of a job..

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