Endpoints_listener.ora not updated when altering listener.ora by hand

As a part of standards every (RAC) database has its own listener in my projects. This week i was asked to alter the local listener to a different port to keep it similar to a specific port that I used on other database(s) in that project.
Technically this was Of course a little effort  2 be made to keep everybody happy.

I altered my listener.ora (yup still an old-fashioned kind of guy) manually and I stopped and started the listener:

srvctl start listener -l listener_mydb1
srvctl status listener -l listener_mydb1

And in the database i had altered the local_listener too  to show new ports well. And of course  I altered the tnsnames entry too.  So I had it all covered i thought. That was only until the moment that I checked the listener for that database for its status. And much to my surprise I saw this.

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