Missing Disk in Fra Diskgroup in ASM , and work your way back


A single instance/Db  11gr2 under control of 11gr2 grid infrastructure with ASM as storage solution. In ASM the disks are defined as external redundancy due to  business rules ( no shooting the messenger please). I was Informed that a database  had crashed . Grid Infra structure ( nor manual actions ) were able to start the database again.  So I was asked  please go take look and fix asap . The good thing was that I was aware of maintenance in the ASM Disk group on that Tuesday September 4th. So when alarms started to go off  I had first clues (even Sherlock Holmes needs a  first clue right ?). As always the alert log was first place to check for me.  This document follows a number of steps during the analyses and the end status which was a proper database open (without reset logs). Bottom-line is give not up too fast. BUT also in this specific scenario it had been better if we had kicked the disk and started from scratch instead of trying to repair. But that being said I know that sounds wise when looking back ….

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