Logical Standby Database an implementation


For my colleagues at Atos I have set up a Presentation of my experience with the Logical standby database. Since I truly believe in modern media like Twitter and sharing knowledge via the Web this one has to be put out here as well. As always  you have to investigate if my approach can be yours as well. And as a quote that I have learned on the web, never regard every challenge as a nail requiring only a hammer.

One main point I have to make is that the complete set up was performed using sqlplus . I did not use the broker at first when setting things up. And as often once you choose a direction .. Looking back now and reading posts on twitter it would have been an interesting twist to do the same while using the broker. Maybe that can be your challenge and after that there will be a nice blog coming  from that too then.

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My Implementation of a logical Standby Database

Implement a Logical Standby Database

For a customer  I had the privilege  to investigate and implement a Logical standby Database. Primary side was a 6 Node RAC and the Standby side was scheduled to become a  two Node RAC. The standby side was not meant as a Fail over solution but had to serve the purpose of an almost on-line Reporting environment to the customers ( in such a way also separating them from the production database). The requirements  became quite a challenge in more than one aspect  giving the facts that the project wanted to go live with it in the very next 2 weeks,  that this was unknown territory for the complete team hmm and given the fact that the decision to change from a physical standby database to a logical one  was one of the very last minute.  I forgot who said it, but with respect I would like to quote   the unknown creator of this following thought: .. but if things would always be easy you and I would be out of a job..

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