Steps to Recreate my Central Inventory in a Real Applications Cluster environment on Linux


In the last quarter of 2012 i have set up  a 4 Node Real Application Cluster on Linux which was great to do as always. In day-to-day business I had lost track of this environment  which in itself is not that bad of course. However this week I needed the environment as a preparation for patching so it would be mandatory to check with opatch last patch installed in the grid infra structure and in the rdbms homes that have been set up on those boxes. Well it was to be expected that other dbas would work on those boxes, maybe / likely might have installed new patches so it was really like getting back together with old friends to see what was under the hood.

Well it was a bit of disappointment that the inventory destination  (/opt/oracle/orInventory) was simply empty . Opatch did not like it either cause it  exited with a returncode 73. But then again on the bright side this meant i could take note of the necessary steps  performed  and turn it into a blog.

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